3 Things To Remember When Using Ear Candle Treatment At Home

If talking about ear candling then, it is a great type of treatment offered at many spas. It comprises removing debris and wax from your ear canal with the help of a particular ear candle. One session of ear candling may cost you enough money, but you can get similar treatment at a reasonable cost if you and your friend do it at your home. In case you wish to give a try to candling, just keep in mind the instructions mentioned here in this article.

Select the Best Ear Candle

You should confirm that you buy ear candles online or from trusted suppliers. These must be prepared of natural cotton and beeswax, and should not comprise artificial components. Deviant ingredients may cause an allergic and irritation reaction. In case you do not know where to get good quality candles, then you can check with your desired spa if they can suggest a good brand.

Search a Partner

Throughout the candling session, you will be lying down on your side with candle in your ear. You wouldn’t see the candle and their position, thus you cannot do ear wax removal manually.

Follow the Process

The main step in the process of actual ear candling is to lie comfortably on your side, with one exposed ear. Confirm that your ear is as leveled as you can, thus, the candle can stay straight. You should ask your partner to properly cover your neck, hair, and shoulder with a cloth’s piece to keep safe it from the dripping debris and wax, just leaving exposed your ear.

When you are in a relaxed position, allow your partner determine your ear canal’s size, and accordingly trim the candle’s tip. Keep in mind; it must snugly fit in your ear without hitting your eardrum. Then, your partner should reform the tip into a cone and revive it utilizing a toothpick.

After candle trimming, your partner must light the candle, confirming to cover the tip properly with a finger for some seconds. In case, the smoke does not come out of the candle upon let loose, teach your partner to correct hole of the tip. Once the smoke begins coming out gradually, it is ready for placing.

Let your partner cautiously insert the tip of the candle into your ear, and seize the candle at a position, so the wax completely drips down the candle’s sides in its place of straight down into the canal of your ear. Tell again your friend to trim the candle’s unburnt section and scalded part halfway between the flames. It allows the candle burn for a long time. Let the candle burn and when the flame is four to five inches left from the protecting covering. Your friend must gently take out the candle, and dip that burning tip into a water bowl to put the fire properly out.