Responsibilities Of A Nursery Worker

Nurseries are places where different plant species are cultivated, grown and nurtured. Large nurseries need workers who have several activities to carry out. These individuals need to tend to the different plants and carry out functions like mulching, repotting and feeding plants. Duties are not only linked to upkeep of plants, but also to manage shipments, supplies that come in and control inventory.Nurseries as a business

Commercial nurseries need to showcase healthy plants. If customers come in to buy rose plants in Sydney they need to see healthy and flowering species. Then only will the business attract more customers. Nursery workers need to tend to the different plants in different ways. Some plants do not require much maintenance while others might need much care. Some need to be kept out in the sun while others grow in the shade. Such knowledge and experience is required of nursery workers.

Care and supervision

Some plants in nurseries require maintenance on a daily basis. There are strict regimens, to be followed when delicate plants are being nurtured. Again, if plants that are out of season are being grown, they need special conditions to flower. Many customers come to buy rose plants when they find them growing well in nurseries around the year. That also reflects the skills and techniques of the nursery workers. In most nurseries the plants need water in varying amounts and plant food might also be needed. Many nurseries depend on natural manure and use the same to fertilize the soil. Pruning and repotting are other tasks carried out by nursery workers.

Propagation activities

Besides taking care of plants, ensuring that new ones grow is another important task of nursery workers. They need to know which plants will grow from seeds or from spores and tend to them accordingly. Stratification and germination techniques need to be known to ensure successful regrowth and propagation of plants. Weeding is another important task of nursery workers.

Other responsibilities

Nursery workers usually have other responsibilities. They need to keep stock of items that are brought in and sales made for the nursery. Usually shipments are made in bulk as well as individual sales made to customers who drop in. Inventory supplies need to be checked and kept updated to reflect the right amount of supplies and sales that have occurred at any point in time. If any supply needs to be procured, the same are also noted and informed to the owner by nursery workers. Large nurseries have several staff on line who allocates different responsibilities. In case of smaller nurseries, few staff members are employed and most people have to conduct several tasks to keep the business going, along with the business owner.