Restoring Old Factory Space

More and more business owners are turning to alternate office and display spaces thanks to the cost of real-estate. It is much cheaper to renovate an already existing yet derelict building than to build one from the ground up. Here are some of the things that new owners will have to do before anyone can even think of moving in.

Structurally Sound 

Naturally you would have had an engineer give the building the once-over before actually purchasing it but is better if you can also get an expert in resource recovery Melbourne to come take a look. These people can tell you what parts are unstable and must be gotten rid of; what parts can be repaired and reused and what needs to be built completely new. In most cases, roofing material will need to be replaced but the actual structure itself will be safe. Likewise, the walls might have to be plastered and painted or wallpapered, but the walls would be steady, especially if they were built using bricks. They would also check the surrounding land to ensure that it is safe and that construction can take place without a danger on it. environment-waste

Mr. Clean 

Cleaning would have to be done twice – once before construction and once after. Before any serious work is underway, hire a crew that offers solid waste management and hose the place of years of dust, grime, grease and anything else. You might find that the cleaning exposes even more damaged areas and places that need work. Let the building breathe for a bit and have the crew mop, sweep and dust the entire place so that when the builders begin their job, they will not have to do it from the beginning.

Design and Plan

Once the building is structurally secure, you need to call in a designer to make changes in the appearance of the house. If you are thinking of turning the old factory into a gallery or some sort of showroom, then it might be aesthetically pleasing to leave some of the old furniture or spare parts of machinery lying around to indicate the origins of the building. If, one the other hand, you want an office space, clear everything out and put up partitions and bring in the office furniture. Some owners prefer to have a complete makeover and change the outer appearance of the building to match the inside, while others leave the outside as is and change the inside so that there is a contrast.

In an age where even a small room costs us a years’ pay in rent, it might behove many of us to look into alternate living and working space.