While Intrusive Water Plants are Being Destroyed they are Preserved Too

One man’s medicine is another’s poison is a callous, off-hand remark which does not fit in with everything. The white ants are termites and hated by book collectors and home makers they are a delicacy in some northern Indian villages. Extremes such as these are hard to explain nevertheless they are a reality. What is considered obtrusive and intrusive for many they are inviting for certain others. Environment preservation concerns have surfaced many activities who brand themselves as the green revolutionists. Understandable maybe but it has caused conflicting views when it comes to destroying eco related productive areas and flora. In the foliage zones there can be those classified as useful to mankind or detriment and some supportive of alleles but humans. Hence, deriving at a conclusive judgement has been a see-saw debate among scientists.

Whether to allow the growth or eliminate from the roots with regards to certain creepers, climbers and water plants has been a never ending debate. However to a certain control in aquatic weed and maximizing purposes have smothered the minds of some disturbed environmentalists. Their argument mainly centred on living organisms and fish in water which are deprived of sufficient light and air. Gathering these intrusive varieties is now a money spinner particularly algae and water Hyacinth. Algae has many positives and one is it contains high percentage of simple and complex carbohydrates that energizes the body i.e. by the sulphate complex carbohydrates which also is believed to strengthen the immune system’s regulatory response. Further, Omega 3 and Omega 6 the energy producing fatty acids are in it and not to mention the many vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

As for the water Hyacinth, it helps produce bio fuels and hence left to be in water or wet conditions but with proper care, without allowing invading undesired areas of human habitation and movement. Ethanol and other fuels are produced in this manner in certain South American countries immensely boosting employment opportunities. As conventional methods that were mainly to destroy the species failed, aquatic weed harvesting technique and process has paid dividends. Now, the experts acknowledge its eco-friendliness. Moreover, the Hyacinth has another marvel i.e. the production of furniture of all shapes. These are used in homes, offices and outdoor as it could be wound and woven on a wooden structure easily to appear attractive. So, it is green furniture much to the delight of environmentalist bent on conservation.

Both these supposed-to-be-discarded obtrusive water plants are now collected and processed for unmatched purposes which otherwise would incur large expenses in manufacturing. .However, the process of reaping comes under scrutiny of authorities due to possible damages that it might have on other species for instance where the Salmon hibernates and for these reasons, there are laws to obtain prior permits to carry out limited operations.